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May 8, 2007

Medals and Medallions held in our Archives

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Medals, Badges, Signs……(Blue Draw) 

1…..Leather sign 5 ½ cm on Leather cord


2…..Leather sign 5 ½ cm


3…..Leather  sign Key ring 1994


4…..Passionist Key ring –Black- St. Paul on reverse


5…..Passionist Key ring (worn) Map of Aust, PNG and NZ on reverse.


6…..Passionist Key ring (worn) Crucifix on reverse.


7…..St. Gabriel Key ring…..Sign on reverse


8…..St Gabriel Key ring…Raised and worked figure, sign on reverse.


9…..Passionist printed lapel Badge 2cm.


St Paul of the Cross, printed lapel badge 2 cm.


11….Enamelled Black Sign 5 ½ cm


12….Gold Lapel Cross with (damaged) black sign 3cm


13….Silver lapel Cross with unusual sign 3 cm.


14….Damaged Lapel Badge 2 ½ cm.


15….Black Sign Lapel pin.


16….Black Sign on red rose lapel badge


17….Black sign on green leaves lapel Badge


18….Black Passionist Ring


19….Silver 3 cm Medal Mater Dolorosa- reverse St. Gabriel.


20….Silver 2.7cm oblong medal, Our Lady of Sorrows


21….Silver 2 ½ cm Round medal-Sacred Heart-Reverse-
St Paul of the Cross


22….Silver 1 cm round watch medal- St Maria Goretti- reverse- Pope Paul.


23 Black beads – Devotion –Five wounds.












Medals Badges Medallions…..Red Drawer 

1….Pewter Cross with sign –Boxed


2….Pewter Cross.


3….Bronze disk 3.5cm Mother of Sorrows, Reverse Sign Boxed


4… Pewter disk 5cm St. Joseph’s
Hobart 1841-1991 (Boxed)


5..Cross 8cm with Mother of pearl chips.


6… Silver Cross 4 ½ cm Reverse “Christ is counting on you”


7…Gold coloured Cross from Passionist Rosary


8…Possible hand made Cross, (World Mission Sunday 2001)”I Y V”


9…Key Ring St. Joseph’s
Hobart 1956-2006


10..Church Leader Badge- Orange, Black, White_ PNG


11…Key ring, PNG, Reverse side 50 years Missionary service.


12..Lapel Badge – PNG.


13..Round 4cm Disk –PNG- 50 Years Missionary Service.


14..Fridge Magnet- St Brigid’s Marrickville 75 years.


15….Black and Gold disk 4cm St Brigid’s Marrickville,Reverse Centenary 1886-1986


16..Fancy Medal.Inscribed “DIB” reverse, “CBSC 1925”


17…Silver 3cm Disk, St Paul of the Cross Reverse-Congress October
Rome 1975.


18..Gold coloured medal on Red Ribbon “St Stephen’s Guild of Servers?”


19…Bronze 7cm Disk, Fredrick Ozanham- St. Vincent de Paul.


20..Green Oblong 3cm Lapel Badge Yellow Cross-Red Heart-Blue Sthn Cross.


21…Fancy Badge- Rozelle- Maybe Hibernian Society.


22..Silver& Black 3cm Disk,shows Modes transport,“God Protect us as we Travel”


23 Ball Point pen- Silver- WWW.Passionists.Com


15A…St Brigid’s Marrickville (Silver sign reverse St. B. Church 75 Years)



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