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April 1, 2006

Passionist Humour

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Passionist Humour, like a number of Religious Communities,  has long been part of our lifestyle, and our Archives record this. While we have some examples of this in our files we thirst for the many unwritten stories that have become part of our oral tradition.

Often times humour occurs quite spontaneously, and sometimes accidentally, as with one of our students relating the death of someone known to the house, “I don’t know what he died of, but it wasn’t serious”

Fr Anselm, a brilliant and caring missionary priest, ran for the sake of the people in his remote area of Papua New Guinea, a branch of a Bank. He was used to the local Papua New Guineans banking and withdrawing small amounts, and also closing and opening accounts. He was approached by one local who desired to close his account, Fr. Anselm got out all the bookwork, filled in the details required on the duplicate and triplicate pages, got the customer to sign all of the papers then handed over the small sum that was in the account. The Papua New Guinean, from the bush, carefully counted all he had been given, and then gave it all back to be re-deposited; quite satisfied that his money was still there. More bookwork for Fr Anselm and he did laugh about it at a much later date,

Fr Raymund was attributed to the phrase, “How can you be optimistic, when you have misty optics”

Fr Placid Millay not only didn’t speak clearly, but he didn’t write clearly also. He put a note on one of the student’s essays and the student couldn’t make it out so he took it to Placid and queried it. Fr. Placid said “I wrote…”Write more clearly””

Overheard while Novitiate students were washing crockery at Goulburn, “Yes, it is clean, it’s just got a little bit of muck in it!”


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